Ceiling Lifts

SILVER CROSS is not a ceiling lift manufacturer. This free service compares ceiling lift track system suppliers and finds recycled and low priced new ceiling lifts. A ceiling lift is a track is mounted to ceiling with lift device to transfer clients and move them along track. Numerous ceiling lift applications are superior to floor lifts in versatility. Ceiling lifts are easy to use, safe, less cumbersome than floor lift etc. The only type of lift to provide "Zero Lifting" is a ceiling lift. To learn more, click ceiling lift tips.

Key Ceiling Lifts Questions

Weight and height of client? Is more than one track required? What is ceiling made of and is it dropped? Length of track required? Does user want to operate ceiling lift independently? Are there space limitations where the ceiling lift track system is to be used? Does end user need to be positioned carefully to achieve comfort?

Key Ceiling Lifts Points

  1. Positioning much easier with ceiling lift than floor mounted lift.
  2. Floor mounted lifts have troubles with carpets and fitting under a bed frame.
  3. Ceiling lifts do not have these two major concerns.
  4. If you are planning to use a portable ceiling lift then the weight of the lifting unit will be a key point in selecting the correct lift.
  5. Manual ceiling lifts are used where a care giver slides client along rail.
  6. Motorized ceiling lifts allows independent transfers by end user.
  7. Ceiling lifts can be used with walking sling.
  8. Track can go through doorway by suspending track below header or by cutting into door header to accomodate track.

Find Ceiling Lifts

Portable Ceiling Lift

- This type allows for lift device to be moved from one track in one room to another track in another room by simply unhooking the lift device and reattaching it onto the other track.

Portable Ceiling Lift

BHM Voyager Portable



BHM Wall Lift LEAST COSTLY Barrier Free Lift Unilift PC-2
 ceiling lift
 ceiling lifts
 wall mounted lift
 ceiling lilfts
Weight Cap. 440 lbs 550 lbs 350 lbs. 350 lbs
Emerg. Lowering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emerg. Brake (In case of free fall) Yes Yes Not necessary No
Quick Releaser Yes No No No
Battery Warning Audible indicator Audible and visual Yes Audible and visual
Motor / Battery 24 Volt Battery 24 Volt Battery 12 Volt Battery 24 Volt Battery
Unit Wgt Inc. Batteries 12 lbs 14 lbs wall mounted 18.5 lbs
Strap Length 88" 88" Not Applicable 90"
CSA/UL Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes
Key Feature Lightest lift on the market. Wide set sling hooks More options available. Least costly of all lifts. Can mount extra bracket in another room to move lift. 2, 4, 6 or 8 functions controlled via hand switch
Made In Canada Canada Canada Europe


Waverley Glen P-425

Moving Solutions Handi-Move

Waverley Glen Sequoia  DH 1000 Guldmann
 track lift
track lifts
ceiling mounted lift
 portable lift
Weight Cap. 425 lbs 350 lbs 400 lbs  440 lbs
Emerg. Lowering Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Emerg. Brake (In case of free fall) Yes Yes Yes  No
Quick Releaser No No No  No
Battery Warning Yes N/A N/A  N/A
Motor / Battery Electrical N/A 24 Volt Battery  24 Volt Battery
Unit Wgt Inc. Batteries 14.5 lbs 15 lbs 90 lbs  25 lbs
Strap Length 77" N/A 105"  N/A
CSA/UL Approved Yes No No  No
Key Feature Ergonomic handle. The motor also has a separate emergency "down" control. Free standing track system. Transportable lifting unit with 2 functions (up/down) and built-in lifting hanger.
Made In Canada Europe USA  Europe

Permanent Ceiling Lifts

- Lift motor is attached to track and is not portable. This type of ceiling lift allows for the option to have the client automatically be pulled along the track by an additional motor in the lift device.

Permanent Ceiling Lifts

BHM 420
Horcher Unilift PC-2
BHM Wall Mounted Lift
Guldmann G2
permanent lift
ceiling lift
ceiling lifts
track lifts
Weight Cap. 420 lbs. 400-600 lbs 350 lbs. 440 lbs
Soft Stop/ Start Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emerg. Lowering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emerg. Brake Yes Yes N/A Yes
Luminous Battery Indicator Yes Yes No N/A
Auto Return to Charge Yes N/A Not necessary N/A
CSA/UL Approved Yes UL Yes N/A
Key Feature Automatically returns to its integrated charger. Can move the patient in a lying or sitting position. Can be moved from room to room with an extra wall bracket. Wide range of lifting units, rail components.
Made In Canada Europe Canada Europe

Model/Manufacturer THE Medical Cirus BHM 550 BHM V4 BHM V10
Weight Cap. 400-600 lbs 550 lbs. 600 lbs 1000 lbs
Soft Stop/ Start Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emerg. Lowering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emerg. Brake N/A Yes Yes Yes
Luminous Battery Indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Return to Charge Optional Yes Yes Yes
CSA/UL Approved N/A Yes Yes Yes
Key Feature 6-point spreader bar for commercial applications. Automatically returns to its integrated charger. Handset can program lateral speeds. Free standing semi-permanent rack option.
Made In Canada Canada Canada Canada

Find a used and new ceiling lift.Ceiling lifts sourced in your local area.

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