Chair lifts

  • A chair lift for the home is a chair attached to a track that is mounted on a stairway.
  • Sizes usually fit people up to about 250 lbs.
  • There are a few chair lifts for the home that will fit a larger person.
  • Seats fold to give space for home stair users to pass by the chair.
  • Tracks are attached to the stairs...not the wall.

Chair Lift Dimensions

  • Most chairs fold and take up about 14" of the stairway.
  • The rail takes up about 5-10" of the stairway depending on the model selected.
  • Plug in style or battery operated still rely on power to operate.
  • Most chair lifts for the home extend beyond the top step a few inches.
  • If you have a door right at the top of your stairs then the exact model selected is extremely important.
  • At the bottom of the stairs....the rail goes to the that the chair lift seat goes to a satisfactory level to transfer.
  • Stopping the track and chair short of the bottom landing is not a good idea because this makes the seat higher and more difficult to get on.
Find New & Recycled Stair Lifts In Your Local Area

Price Factors

  • Local chair lift market competition,
  • Government regulations, and
  • Whether or not the vendor provides used lifts and a buy back option on the purchase.

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