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Stair Lift Cost

A stair lift cost depends on some key factors.

Shape of your stairway - If your starcase is straight from the top to the bottom of your stairs then a straight stair lift is the most cost effective type of stair lift. If you stairs do not go from the bottom to the top in one straight run then a custom stairlift rail is required and the cost rises substantially.

Seat Style - Most stair lift manufacturers offer a variety of stair chair seats to select from. These seats range from a basic plastic shell to a contoured, plush style seat with options.

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Length of Track - Most stair lift mpdels are shipped to the stair lift installation company in two eight foot tracks that will satisfy a staircase requiring about 16 feet of track. There is usually an overhang of track at the top of the stairs and the track extends to the floor at the bottom of the stairs thereby taking up some of the 16 feet length of track supplied with a standard stair lift model. Stair lift manufacturers do not ship less than 16 feet of track.

Options Selected - A variety of stairlift options are available on many stair lift models. The more options selected the more the stair lift cost increases. Some of the options available include an overrun at the top of the stairs so that the chair is further away from the top step, call send controls to move the stair chair by remote controls, a deluxe seat, power seat swivel, power footrest and additional charging stations.

Stair Lift Installation Cost Factors

1. Prepare the stairlift for installation to fit your stairway. This includes cutting the track to fit your stairs. This fee can range from $100-$200.

2. The stairlift installation. Price range of $450-$600

3. Site complications such as stone or tile steps, handrail and post obstructions, longer brackets required due to inconsistent step rises, distance to plug, position of track splice and bracket placement and ease of access to staircase.

4. Exterior stair lifts - Type of stairs ( metal, stone, tile, concrete?). Dedicated GFI plug placement.

5. Commercial Stair Lifts - Require license in many states and provinces with licensed installer and usually inspected by government agency. Regulations increase average stair lift price by $1000 - $4500 depending on level of government involvement, fees, inspections and permits.

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