Bath Lifts

SILVER CROSS is not a bath lift manufacturer. This free service saves you time and money by comparing common bath lift models in one place and finding recycled or low priced new bath lifts. A bath lift, lifts a person in bathtub up and down to have a bath. There are water or battery powered bath lifts.

Key Bath Lifts Questions

Does client have ability to transfer to bath lift? Weight and height of client? Shape, depth and length of tub? Does client have ability to bend legs?

Key Bath Lifts Points

  1. Whirlpool tubs or other irregular shaped tubs may require a customized bath lift.
  2. It is suggested to simulate the transfer by putting a chair in the bath tub and transferring user to chair to assure bath lift would be appropriate for user.
  3. If user has difficulty transferring to bath lift then a transfer disk is available to assist.
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Bath Lifts

Model / Manufacturer Sterling 311 Bath Lift Neptune Bath Lift AquaJoy Bath Lift

bath lift

bath lifts

bathtub lift

Lift Height. 17" 17.1" 16"
Overall Length 26.4" 26" 22.5"
Overall Width 28"/34" 34" 28"
Powered Battery Battery Water
Back Hgt. 22.9" 17 17"
Weight 30.3 lbs 27 lbs 33 lbs
Seat Depth 19" 17-23" 15"-19"
Seat Width 15.4" 17" 15"
Wgt. Capacity 287 lbs 350 lbs 300 lbs
Color Blue White and Blue White
Key Feature Reclining Back Lift designed for those who like to sit comfortably while bathing as the bath lift does not recline
Simple and affordable

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Model / Manufacturer Clark Bath Lift Beluga Bath Lift AKKULIFT Bath Lift

bath tub lift

bath tub lifts

Lift Height. 22" 18-20" 16.1"
Overall Length 22" 23.5" 17.7"
Overall Width 21" 28" 27.5"
Powered Water Battery Battery
Back Hgt. 17" 23.8"
Weight 22.5 lbs 27.5 lb 34.8 lb
Seat Depth 16" 18" 16"
Seat Width 17" 15.3" 14.5"
Wgt. Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs 308 lbs
Color White Blue White
Key Feature Swivel Seat Back support reclines to 35° Two piece construction makes the lift easy to assemble /disassemble for transport.

Since 1993, over 100 locations, covering 80% of the USA and Canada for bath lifts.

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