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Ceiling Lifts Tips and Resources

What to Consider when Purchasing Ceiling Lifts

Using a ceiling or patient lift can help both the caregiver and the patient. For the caregiver, the risk of injury from lifting is virtually eliminated. For the patient, there is the added security that the caregiver is not struggling to lift the patient. Serious injuries can result for both parties when the patient is being incorrectly lifted by the caregiver. So a lift is a “win-win” situation.

Using a ceiling lift can be difficult without proper training. A certified dealer can show you the proper operating procedures for the lift to make it easy for both the caregiver and the patient. Some patients are able to put themselves into the sling, whereas others may need assistance with this. Once you “get the knack” for how it works, using the lift can be easy and comfortable.

The lifting height varies from model to model. Discuss with your dealer what you require from your lift so you get the right solution. Some lifts have the capability of lifting a patient from the floor if this is needed.

Installed ceiling lifts can be quite an extensive system, with track that can take a patient from room to room. The track may feature turning points and return carousel points to easily move a person throughout the home. This type of installation must be done by a certified installer who not only understands the needs of the patient, but who can also ensure the structural integrity of the installation.