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Ceiling Lifts Types

Fixed/Installed Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling Lift Monarch | Silver CrossCeiling track can be installed in the home to move a person within a room, or even from room to room—often from bedroom to bathroom. A professional installer ensures that the track is safely mounted to carry the required capacity of the lift. A sling is matched to the patient’s needs and day-to-day usage. Lifts are generally battery powered with built-in charging systems. Fixed track systems are for longer-term use, and the track is conveniently out of the way to enable occupants to move easily around the room. An installed track system can feature an automatic operation moving the patient along the track.

Portable Track Lifts

When the need is for the shorter term, or fixed tracking is not an option, a portable lift may be the right solution. Portable lifts are lightweight for moving, but can still lift 300 lb. or more depending on the model. The portable track is freestanding, so it is easy to set up but portable lifts are intended for shorter distances, not multi-room access. They can, however, be moved around the home as needed. Portable lifts are often the best choice for home use due to their flexibility and ease of use. A portable system transfers the patient up and down using a motor, but usually movement from side to side requires the manual motion of moving the patient along the overhead rail system.

Patient Lifts

Portable patient lifts are floor standing lifts with wheels to make them easy to move where they are needed. Manual patient lifts are operated with hydraulics to reduce the strain of lifting for the caregiver. Motorized patient lifts use a motor to lift and lower a patient, removing any physical strain for the caregiver. Patient lifts are very simple to operate and can be wheeled into position over a bed or chair. There are even some specialty patient lifts that are suitable to transferring a person in and out of a vehicle.