Funding Information for Accessibility Lifts

The local SILVER CROSS location will be familiar with available funding sources in your area. The following information will give you an overview of the usual funding process:

Three Steps:

  1. First, you must set the groundwork by determining the specific product model required. Consultation with a therapist or physician may be required. SILVER CROSS can help you selecting the correct model that meets your specific needs.
  2. Second, you must gather the information you may need in the funding process. Whether assistance is sought from an insurance company, community organization, government agency, service club or other funding source.
  3. Third, Prepare a Justification Statement. Most funding sources require a justification statement. When the funding source is a public or private insurance policy a physician or a therapist usually must submit a statement indicating necessity of the purchase. This process will require a local accessibility company to visit your home to assist you in the product selection.

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The Key to Successful Funding

The key to successful funding is preparing the information in the format the source requires. Funding sources are grouped into three categories.

Government programs - Funds for home adaptations, wheelchairs, walkers, power chairs etc.

Service Clubs - Funding on an individual basis for needy families. This source should only be approached after all details of specific need has been determined by a healthcare professional and or a SILVER CROSS location and,

Agencies - depending on your condition, funding could be available for some products.

If you are struggling to find help, try our local SILVER CROSS location to see if they know of some assistance in your area.

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