Handicapped Stair Lifts

    1. Does the user have the ability to transfer to seat of chair of the handicapped stairlift? If the lift user can not bear weight on their feet to permit transferring to the seat of a stairlift then this piece of equipment may not be the right type of lift
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    3. Can the lift user to bend their knees ninety degrees to place their feet on the foot plate of the handicapped stair lifts. All sitting style stairlift models require you to place your feet on the footrest. If you have one leg that is locked then you will not be able to safely operate a sitting style handicapped stairlift.
    4. Can the handicapped stairlifts user put constant pressure on up / down switch? All models work by user putting constant pressure on up/down control.
    5. If they have decreased strength in their hands then lift may not be appropriate.
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    7. A hand pendant is available for a few handicapped stairlifts model but if the users condition is such that this is necessary then a stairlift is probably not suitable.
    8. If the potential lift user does not have good body trunk control then they may not be able to safely sit on stair chair.
    9. Most models have a seat belt. For lift users with mild problems requiring some positioning support a stair lift seat belt may be sufficient.
    10. If you have difficulty transferring to the seat of the stairlift then seat height will be a key issue.
    11. Seat height at bottom of stairs is an important point if client is short.
    12. The more difficulty a handicap stair chair lifts user has in transferring to a seat the more important the seat height is for a safe transfer.
    13. If you have lower back pain and a soft start and stop are important then a DC powered unit maybe more appropriate.
    14. If user is tall then seat depth of the stair glide is important.
    15. Track must be allowed to come all the way to the top landing and bottom landing for safe transfer to the seat.
    16. Solutions can be found through information about handicapped stair lifts to assist in establishing a solution to those with a physical disability. Home stairways present mobility and accessibility barriers. This is especially true for electric scooters and wheelchair users.
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