Home Elevator Cost

The most comom question is "How much will an in home elevator cost me?”
Home elevator price varies depending on your model, number of stops and options selected.
Someone doing the inital research on home elevator cost, needs to know a ball park price so as to see if it is in their budget.

Some factors that determine the residential elevator price are:

  • Whether or not the home elevator is being installed into a new home or an existing one. A residential elevator being retrofitted is substantially more costly.
  • The home must be visited by a contractor to determine the construction cost to retrofit the home to fit the elevator.
  • Each home is different and must be looked at as individual in construction costs. This factor could influence the price from a few thousand to fifty thousand dollars.
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  • Options that would increase the cost are cab interior selection, hand rail and sliding gate choice. Option selection could alter the price from $1000 to $20,000.

Home Elevator Price

Determining a home elevator price is much like pricing a pool, addition to a home or a car. Prices vary on the cost of a residential elevator. Having said that, a basic two stop residential elevator price is going to range from somewhere below $20,000 to in excess of $25,000. Factors listed about can add $1000 to $50,000 depending on the specific jobsite.

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