Home Elevators

Silver Cross is not a home elevator manufacturer. This free service saves you time and money by comparing home elevator pricing and residential elevator cost factors and models in one place and finding low priced new house elevators for home use.

Key Home Elevator Questions

  • Does the client self propel their chair onto the elevator for home use?
  • Is there adequate accessibility to get the residential elevator into the house?
  • Is the space available for installation approximately 3'x5'?
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Key Home Elevator Pointers

  1. If you need to enter and exit from a different direction, then a Group Two residential elevator for the home is required.
  2. If more than two stops are required, then a Group Two Elevator is required.
  3. The best home elevator for the home is dependant on the many factors listed below.

Group One Home Elevator Manufacturers

These are home elevators that are a two stop, two floor type. They are usually a home elevator cost reduction since there is no need for a shaft which reduces cost. The elevator cab rides a track on a load bearing wall. The top of the elevator cab picks up the floor as it travels up between the two levels of the home. No pit is required.

Group One Manufacturer / Model Savaria Telecab Stiltz Home Lift
  home elevator Stiltz Home Elevator
Weight Capacity 500 lbs 375 lbs
Lift Height 16' 16'
Cab Size 30"x46" 41"x29"
Drive 1:2 Hydraulic Roped Drum/Braked Gear Motor
Unique Feature Battery back up Self-supporting Structure
CStops 2 2
Made In Canada UK

Group Two Home Elevators

This type of home elevator is like a porch lift that is enclosed in shaft. The shaft can be drywall with doors, plexiglass or metal enclosure. A pit or permanent ramp is required for access to the bottom of the lift.

Two, three or four stops are available. This type of lift will do two floor home with perhaps a third exit to a garage or outside door. The elevator doors will not open unless the lift is at door level.

Group Two
Mfg / Model
Savaria V1504 Concord PAL National
Harmar Highlander
  elevator residential residential elevators in home elevator Harmar Vertical Lift
Weight Capacity 750 lbs 750 lbs 750 lbs 750 lbs
Travel Height Up to 23' Up to 14' Up to 12' Up to 14'
Platform Size 34"x54" 35"x54" 36"x51" 36"x54"
Drive 2:1 Chain hydraulic drive Hydraulic drive cable Acme Screw or hydraulic drive Belt Driven Ball Screw
Max# of Stops 2-4 3-4 2-4 3
Made In Canada Canada USA USA
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Group Three Home Elevators

Group Three Elevators are similar to Group One. A drywall enclosure is required. The doors are wired to the elevator and will not open unless the elevator is level with a floor.

Group Three
Mfg / Model
Harmar Everest 750/950 Concord Eclipse Advantage
Weight Capacity 750/950 lbs 750 lbs 950 lbs
Travel Height 50' 50' 50'
Platform Size 36"x48" or 40"x54" 36"x48" / 36"x60" / 40"x54" Custom
Drive In line geared system Roped hydraulic or winding drum Winding drum
Max# of Stops 4 4 2
Made In USA Canada


Pit Yes Yes No
Overhead Clearance 9' 8' 7' 8"
Gate Accordion gate Accordion gate Variety
Emergency Stop Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Battery Lowering Yes Yes No
Auto Battery Recharge Yes Yes Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes Yes Yes
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Group Three
Mfg / Model
Harmar Elite Waupaca Custom Lift Concord Infinity
Weight Capacity 1000 lbs 500 lbs 1000 lbs
Travel Height 50' 50' 50'
Platform Size varies varies 36"x48"
Drive Roped Hydraulic Winding drum 1:2 hydraulic
Max# of Stops 6 6 5


Pit Yes Yes Yes
Overhead Clearance 9' 7' 6" 7' 8"
Gate Accordion gate Accordion gate Accordion folding door
Emergency Stop Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Battery Lowering Yes Manual crank No
Auto Battery Recharge N/A No Yes
Low Battery Indicator N/A No Yes

Group Four Vacuum Elevator

No special works are required with a unique self-supporting structure. No pit excavation or engine room is needed. Group Four elevators are ideal for recycled homes due to the little space required in the building. Home elevators can rest on any existent floor. They are not a fixed installation and can be disassembled and transported.

The elevators are absolutely safe in case of an electric power outage since the descending car automatically stops on the immediate floor. Panoramic view allows a 360º visibility with no cables or pistons blocking vision. No lubrication is required and maintenance is minimum. These elevators solve the technical difficulties that other home elevators may have.

Group Four Model/Manufacturer Vacuum Elevator

vacuum elevator

Weight Capacity 450 lbs
Lift Height 30'
Cab Size 32" Inside Diameter
Drive 1:2 Hydraulic
Unique Features Vacuum technology
Stops 3
Made In USA