Wheelchair Lifts

SILVER CROSS is not a wheelchair lift or porch lift manfacturer. Our free service compares wheelchair lift manufacturers and finds recycled or low priced new wheelchair lifts. Porch lifts or wheelchair lifts are an exterior or interior platform wheelchair lift or scooter lift.

Key Questions About Wheelchair Lifts

  1. Length of equipment being used?
  2. Weight and height of client?
  3. Lifting height of wheelchair lifts?
  4. Raising of deck height to threshold height?
  5. Proximity of electric plug?
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Key Points

  1. If client is self propelling wheelchair then concrete pad may need to be below grade to mount wheelchair lift.
  2. Side mounted porchlifts or wheelchair lilfts are difficult for wheelchairs with elevating leg rests, recliners, tilt and geri chairs.
  3. Porch may need to be raised to threshold height for ease of access by wheelchair.
  4. Dedicated plug is necessary since lift needs 14.2 Amps at start up.
  5. If power wheelchair is heavy, then a 20 Amp plug may be required.
  6. Trip switches are activated if the safety pan mounted underneath the platform hits any obstruction. Key maintenance issue is to keep debris (leaves, snow etc.) cleared from underneath the platform.
Find Recycled & New Wheelchair Lifts In Your Local Area

Note: A porch lift requires about 5' x 5' of space, a concrete pad to set the wheelchair lift on so it does not move, a plug and usually a raising of the existing porch. If the lift user can transfer to a seat, a less expensive option would be an interior or exterior stair lift. For more stair lift information please click Stair Lift Comparison Chart!

Wheelchair Lifts/Porch Lifts

  TK wheelchair lift Savaria wheelchair lift Harmar Porch Lift Bruno wheel chair lift
Manufacturer / Model TK Access PL-RA Savaria Multi Lift Harmar Highlander Bruno
Weight Capacity 500 lbs 750 lbs 600 lbs 750 lbs
Platform Length 48" or 54" 54" 53" or 77" 53"
Platform Width 36" 34" 36" 34"
Overall Width 48.5" 47.5" 48" 48.85"
Overall Length 48" plus flap 48" plus flap 48'' plus flap 48.45" plus flap
Motor 3/4 HP 1 HP Battery Operated 1 HP
Drive Acme Screw Acme Screw Acme Screw Acme Screw
Key Feature 2 yr warranty on drive 4' or 6'' travel Up to 77" Separate up down switch control
Made In USA Canada USA USA
Find New & Recycled Wheelchair Lifts In Your Local Area

Wheelchair Lifts/Porch Lifts

  TK wheelchair lift Savaria wheelchair lift porch lift Wheelchair Stair Climber Lift
Manufacturer / Model Serenity VPL-SH1 Mini Lift Mac's Lift Gate Stair Climber
Weight Capacity 750 lbs 400 lbs 500 lbs 285 lbs
Platform Length 54" 34" 45" or 72" N/A
Platform Width 34" 33" 32" N/A
Overall Width N/A N/A 48" N/A
Overall Length N/A N/A 60" Portable
Motor 1 HP N/A 1/2 HP 115 V
Drive Worm Gear w/Tooth Belt Drove Worm Gear w/Tooth Belt Drove Lifting Chain Traction control.
Key Feature A/C or D/C powered Lightweight personal vertical lift (for use with rollators, walkers and canes) Toggle Switches tamperproof Attaches to most standard manual wheelchairs. Transports wheelchair users up/down stairs
Made In Canada Canada USA Italy

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