Roll In Shower Comparison Charts

SILVER CROSS is not a roll in shower manufacturer. This free roll in shower service has saved over 190,000 clients just like you time and money by offering roll in shower comparisions in one place. SILVER CROSS assists you in finding low roll in shower prices. Please review the charts below listing the common roll in shower models.

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Roll In Showers - Key Points

  1. Roll in Showers are designed to be accessible in a wheelchair. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines specify a minimum inside shower dimension of 60" x 30".
  2. ADA wheelchair showers come in a variety of sizes and styles. One-piece showers for new construction and multi-piece wheelchair accessible showers for remodelling are available.
  3. To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), installation of a folding shower seat, inside corner grab bar, handheld showerhead and pressure mixing valve is required.
  4. ADA Shower Stalls are available in both gelcoat fiberglass and acrylic construction.
  5. Roll-in showers have a reputation of being difficult to install. The primary obstacle is to maintain a smooth transition from the floor to the stall by ensuring a flush transition. Often, custom-made stalls are designed to be slightly sunken into the floor framing. The shower floor should be designed to slope slightly toward the drain.
  6. A popular material to use for the floor is prefabricated fibreglass and acrylic.
  7. This not only eliminates having to jackhammer to build the drain, but these panels are also available in a variety of sizes and work nicely if you are converting a tub into a shower.
  8. Install shelves that are reachable for someone who will be seated and operating controls should be mounted where they can be reached from outside the stall.
  9. With a roll-in stall, opt for a shower curtain or accordion-style door, as you will find most large doors will be very impractical.
  10. The floor of the roll in shower should have a no-skid finish and a waterproofing treatment should be done on the entire bathroom floor.

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Roll In Showers - Models and Specifications

  Shower Bay Best Bath
More Information
Size 38.5"x36" 42"x36" 42"x42" 48"x34" 48"x49"
Height 50.5" 71.5" 78.75" 72.75" 79"
Threshold Height N/A (ramp) .5" .75" .75" 1"
Number of Pieces 8 (ramp & enclosure) 4 3 4 4
Finish   Real Tile 8" Tile Gelcoat Gelcoat
Grab Bars N/A Yes Numerous Numerous Numerous
Seat Shower Wheelchair
(not incl)
Extra Yes Yes Yes
Drain Front edge Center Center Center Center
Shower Curtain N/A Extra Yes Yes Yes
Wall Backing N/A Plywood Plywood Plywood Plywood

Find New & Recycled Roll In Showers In Your Local Area
  Best Bath
Size 48"x48" 54"x30" 54"x36" 60"x33" 60"x30"
Height 79" 79" 79.25" 82" 79.5
Threshold Height 2.25" 1.75" .75" 1.75" 2.25"
Number of Pieces 3 4 5 5 4
Finish Gelcoat 8" Tile Diamond Tile 8" Tile Real Tile
Grab Bars Numerous Numerous Numerous Numerous Numerous
Seat Seat Padded / Folding Extra Padded / Folding Padded / Folding
Drain Center Center Center Right or Left Center
Shower Curtain Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wall Backing Plywood Plywood Plywood Plywood Plywood
Find New & Recycled Roll In Showers In Your Local Area