Which Ceiling Lift Manufacturer Should I Select for a Self Installation?

Some ceiling lift manufacturers, sell through a network of their own sales reps or exclusive distirbutors. This may work well at first but, if that rep or distributor changes and you then require assistance, you may not be able to locate or easily find the new contact. It is usually advisable to purchase a ceiling lift that is sold by more than one dealer. It makes accessing parts easier and makes the cost / pricing more competitive. As an option for recycling, the availability of parts from many sources also makes the lift more attractive to those looking for recycled products.

Depending on the complexity of the track system you choose, the ceiling structure of your home and the area you live in, self installation may or may not be a suitable option for you. A curved track that goes from room to room will most likely require ceiling reinforcement or spanning with uni-strut across the ceiling beams to accommodate the track installation.

Many ceiling lift manufacturers have recently insisted that all dealers are certified to comply with meeting safety factors in installation procedures and specifications.

Having said that, there are self supporting systems available that will allow you to self install the ceiling lift. It is important to remember that, patient and caregiver safety are more important than cost when choosing a ceiling lift. Always consider a ceiling lift that best suits your needs and then your budget.

Find New & Recycled Ceiling Lifts In Your Local Area

The only common ceiling lift manufacturer that is permitting on line sales of their products is BHM Medical out of Quebec, Canada. These ceiling lifts are being offered by a few on line retailers and most of the SILVER CROSS network. It is important to know that a local SILVER CROSS location can offer you a self installed ceiling lift that can meet your needs. They may also be able to access a recycled or used ceiling lift from another SILVER CROSS location that could need your needs.Find local ceiling lift pricing.