Self Installed Dumbwaiter

  1. You are building a new home and the self installed dumbwaiter would make in easier to unload and deliver groceries to the kitchen.
  2. The laundry and bedrooms are not on the same level.
  3. Seasonal items are stored in the attic or basement of your home.
  4. And the most important reason, you are tired of or no longer able to haul things up and down stairs.

Which Dumbwaiter Models are Available for Self Installation?

A dumbwaiter, although a luxury product, is quickly becoming popular with baby boomers as well as seniors, as they plan their retirement. As something that is used to make daily routines and activities easier it is important that the dumbwaiter have a warranty. Not all self installed dumbwaiters are suitable for , or sold as self install units. The Summit Ascent Dumbwaiter is a pre-assembled unit that requires no machine room, no pulley systems, or travelling control cables.

The Summit Ascent Do It Yourself Dumbwaiter is shppied with all parts and components as standard when the unit is ordered. This means that the nuts, bolts, screws, locks, wiring and other small parts are included, thereby taking the guess work out of ordering. It arrives, ready to install.

Find New & Recycled Dumbwaiters In Your Local Area

Some things to consider when you are choosing a self installed dumbwaiter

  1. Does the manufacturer include all parts needed for a complete installation as part of the package or do you have to order all the bits and pieces seperately? (fasteners, wiring etc.)
  2. What type of techinical support is offered to the consumer and their installer during the installation?
  3. How long is the warranty and what does it include?
  4. Are warranty parts shipped at a cost to the consumer or free of charge?
  5. Does the manufacturer require the return of the defective parts as a condition of the warranty?
  6. Other facts that make the Summit Ascent a good choice.
  7. Engineer drawings are provided free of charge based on the dimensions and specs you provide.
  8. Three standard production sizes as well as custom size do it yourself dumbwaiters are available. Basic plan views and other details are provided with no obligation. This allows you to collect preiminary information and make a more informed choice without feeling pressured to make a decsion before you are comfortable doing so.
  9. The space needed for a self installed dumbwaiter is minmal. A lift for residential use can usually fit in a space about three feet square or less an still be adequate for laundry, groceries and most household tasks.
  10. Find New & Recycled Dumbwaiters In Your Local Area