Stair Glide

This type home lift for the disabled has become increasingly popular in recent years as a solution for many more people besides individuals with severe mobility problems. Stair glides are the same as the term stair lifts.

    1. Stair glides for the disabled can allow for a return to old routines and give you access to your whole home again.
    2. Arthritis and respiratory problems can greatly impact a persons ability to manage stairs with the installation of a starlift.
    3. There is no need to change or limit daily routines if the stairs are all that hold you back.
    4. The ability to be independent and self sufficient is a basic desire for most people and a stair glide is one of the items that can give that back to you.
    5. There are various stair glide models and designs that suit most any home and all stair glides mount on the stair treads so your homes structure is not a hinderance to installing a stair elevator.
    6. No special power requirements are needed.
    7. If you are one of those people that realizes moving is not an option and renovating is too expensive then a this type of home lift may be the answer.
    8. Does the stair glide user have the ability to bend knees and transfer to a seat? To safely use a stairlift, the user must be able to bend his/her knees 90 degrees in order to put his/her feet on the foot plates. If transferring to the seat of the lift requires assistance, then the height of the seat and the shape of the seat are important.
    9. Does the lift user have the ability to apply constant pressure on the up/down switch? All stairlift models require that the user put constant pressure on this switch.
    10. There are a few starlift models that have a hand pendant. However, if a user’s condition is such that the hands lack dexterity, a starlift may not be suitable.
    11. Does the lift user have severe low back pain? If this is the case, a starlift with a soft start or stop is important. If this isn’t a problem, then a lower priced lift may be a better choice.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the starlift chair stop before the top step and bottom step and how does the user get on and off safely? In order to safely transfer on and off the seat of the starlift, the track must be allowed to come all the way to the top landing and bottom landing.
    Which is a better choice - a battery operated star glide or a plug-in starlift? Lifts that are battery operated need their batteries changed every few years. They seem to have more problems than the plug-in models. For example, problems caused by user error with the battery operated models are more common than power going off with the plug-in models. To charge the battery properly, the chair must be parked at the end. The stairlift does not recharge even if the chair is one inch off the end. However, if the power is continually going off every month then a battery operated lift is probably a better choice.

    Solutions can be found through information about stair glides to assist in establishing a solution to those with a physical disability. Home stairways present mobility and accessibility barriers. This is especially true for electric scooters and wheelchair users.