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The high majority of people inquirying about used stair lifts would consider a used stair lift. In fact, about 50% of stair lift purchasers would prefer to buy a used stair lift so that they can save money and promote recycling of stair lifts.

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A recycled stair lift or reconditioned stair lift may be a great option.The average used stair lift remains in a home for 3.2 years. The life span of used stair lifts is in excess of ten years. It just makes sense to consider a used stair lift as a viable option, especially if the installing used stair lifts company will repurchase the stair lift when it is no longer needed.There are many reasons that someone would consider a used stair lift. People move, physical conditions change, the used stair lift maybe needed for a short period of time.There are many factors to consider in selection of a used stair lift.

Some of these factors are:

  1. Are the stair lift user's physical needs met by the particular stair lift model features?
  2. Is the rail mounted on the right side of the stairway application?
  3. Is the rail long enough to meet the site conditions?
  4. Are the features on the used stair lift sufficient to deal with any particular wants and demands of the client?
  5. Does the track of the stair lift fit the width of the stairs?
  6. Are parts available for the model available?
  7. Are there sufficient local installation companies to properly support the model available?

If price is a deciding factor in your ability to purchase a stair lift, used stair lifts might be the solution to your problem. A used stair lift can save you hundreds on your purchase.

The SILVER CROSS mandate is to assist you in finding the lowest cost solution to your used stair lift needs.

Over 170,000 clients have used this service since 1993.

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